Field Test Services

AmNet has an experienced team of engineers, technicians, drivers and fully equipped fleet of vehicles to support any drive testing or call testing requirements of our clients nationwide.

Outdoor Drive

Testing As networks become more and more complex in terms of adding capacity, new services and technologies, there is a constant need for collecting and processing RF performance & benchmarking data. AmNet can support drive testing nationwide with teams experienced in Accuver XCAL, Keysight NEMO, Infovista TEMS test equipment. AmNet’s teams have successfully completed thousands of Site Shakedowns (SSV), Pre and Post Launch cluster optimization drives. AmNet is also doing 5G drives for all the Tier-1 operators in the country. AmNet also performs benchmarking drive testing – simultaneous multi-operator/multi-technology network scan and handset testing, for both Operators as well as 3rd party like landlords.

ATP and 911 Call Testing

As and when additional carriers are added by the mobile operators to alleviate capacity issues, ATP (All Test Passed) and 911 testing is required. ATP test confirms that the newly added carrier is performing as needed while 911 testing confirms that any emergency call made on the carrier is routed to the correct PSAP. AmNet cross-trained teams are available to deploy at a very short notice to complete the testing at any kind of site. Besides call testing, AmNet’s experienced coordinators also coordinate with local PSAPs for scheduling, testing and approvals.

CW Testing

Continuous Wave (CW) testing is an essential tool for RF propagation modelling. It is more so important as 5G is being launch in Sub-6 as well mmWave bands. CW testing also helps to evaluate a new site location for its suitability to the design criteria. CW test data is also used to demonstrate the requirement and suitability of a new site location to local Zoning boards. AmNet has multiple years of CW testing experience on rooftop, tower-mounted or crane tests. AmNet has OSHA certified technicians to deploy in case there are any specific requirements at a site.

Civil Survey

In order to have a good inbuilding design, meeting the design objectives, it is critical that physical composition of the building is correctly identified and documented. This includes various materials used in construction, windows, low-e glass, ceiling type and height etc. During the surveys, location of MDF and risers are also identified. AmNet team is experienced in Civil surveys and creating a detailed survey reports for their clients which is an extremely important input for a good design.